We Love Cocoa!

Many of our childhood memories are filled with the sweet aroma of coconut and cocoa, such as hot cocoa with marshmallows when we didn’t feel well. We also remember a time when our mothers would prescribe cocoa butter for any ailment of the skin.

Got a burn? Use cocoa butter after the cold water. Scraped your knee? Use cocoa butter to help with scarring.And let’s not forget the hair combing sessions. The only pleasant part of that experience was the fragrance of the Coconut Oil hair grease used to coax our hair into the desired style.

Fast forward several decades and we still love those memories and fragrances. As a matter of fact, we close our eyes in reflection whenever we think about them.

So where does the “Bee” part come in?


Our founder absolutely adores Bee Culture. These small creatures are responsible for every third bite of food humans eat. They also have an impressive sense of community. Every bee plays their part to ensure the success of the colony.

Our founder served in the U.S. Navy for 12 years and finished her career as a Navy Chief. She had to step away from her career and serve on the homefront as a wife and mother. Taking off the anchors affected her more than expected, but think about the bees. The workers don’t dwell on the fact that they aren’t the queen; they play their role.

She realized she had to “Bee” up and lead from where she was.